Hershey India has multi-category of brands spanning across Confectionery and Beverage. Hershey India acquired India’s leading confectionery player, NUTRINE, and today it leads the market in a number of Confectionery and Beverage in India.



Nutrine Confectionery Company Private Ltd., one of the leading players in the Indian confectionery market, was acquired by Hershey India in 2006, and forms a key portfolio for Hershey India today. The NUTRINE portfolio has products like Maha Lacto, Maha Choco, NUTRINE Eclairs, NUTRINE Lollipop, NUTRINE Santra Goli, AASAY, KOKANAKA and HONEYFAB in the hard candy, éclairs, toffee, lollipop and roll formats. The confectionery factory is located in Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh).


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