SOFIT is not milk,
but it is just as good!

Obtained from the liquid extract that is left behind when you soak soya beans, grind them finely and then strain them, SOFIT is a very rich source of proteins and recommended for people of all ages.

Since its launch in India in 2004, the SOFIT brand has become synonymous with Soya Milk. Today, SOFIT sports a whole new look and is available in 5 delicious flavours.

The Health and Wellness Wave

If you’ve switched to wheat noodles instead of the plain maida noodles and brown bread instead of white, then you’re probably going to love SOFIT. An amazing blend of Soya milk with mouth-watering flavours and zero preservatives or artificial colour, it is no wonder that SOFIT ranks very high when it comes good taste and great health.

A Power-packed Nutritional Beverage

SOFIT is a rich source of proteins, contains vitamins and fiber, and is enriched with calcium, making it a truly wholesome drink.

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